About Me

My name is Kerry Radley, I have been practising yoga for twenty years and teaching yoga for twelve. I am a qualified British Wheel of Yoga Healthy Lower Back Practitioner and also trained in dynamic yoga and Yoga for Children.
I qualified as a dynamic yoga teacher in 2006 and then went on to train with the British Wheel of Yoga  (BWY) for three years with Vonnie Bloom; I learnt a lot about anatomy, physiology, philosophy, eastern history and first aid on my BWY diploma course, as well as making life-long friends. I qualified as a BWY teacher in 2009 and did not think I would study again, due to having three children; but I then became greatly interested in teaching children's yoga; so I began the BWY 'Yoga For Children' course in early 2010, which I completed in November 2010.
I later began training with Alison Twewhela to become a Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs practitioner, I completed the course in 2012.
Over the years I have trained with many wonderful teachers including: Bob Insley;
Zoe Knott; Tara Fraser; Billy Doyle; Gary Carter; and Paul Harvey

Yoga can help with:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle toning
  • Muscle tension
  • Flexibility
  • Stress management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

  • Back/neck problems
  • Core strength
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Posture
  • Mental sharpness (memory and concentration)

About yoga

Yoga has a long history and its practises have been utilised over thousands of years, not only in India where the yogic tradition has remained alive since its beginnings thousands of years ago, but by people all over the world.
Yoga is currently being recognised around the world as an activity that benefits the mind, body and soul and is gaining recognition everyday for it’s amazing effects it has. Although people talk about ‘doing yoga’, yoga isn’t something one ‘does’. It’s more a state of being: an inner experience of wholeness, of contentment, of being at peace within oneself and in harmony with the world around you. Through yoga practice we are energised and revitalised, refreshed and enlivened. Yoga helps you develop self-discipline, clarity of mind, and trust; qualities that enable us to deal with the obstacles in our lives.
Many people choose not to practice yoga because they believe it will be too physical; or on the other hand, too subtle to help them get any fitter, but they could not be more wrong; yoga comprises of many different elements, from breath work to ancient yoga sequences which are designed to work a variety of muscles in your body and make you physically fitter and more supple.

Photo of Kerry doing a yoga pose in a woodland.

Student testimonials

''Since attending Kerry's class I have lost one and a half stone in weight and my cellulite has nearly disappeared. I look better than I did when I was 17!'' - Caroline
''I used to get pain in my elbows and wrists. In the last year I have been attending 2-three sessions a week with Kerry. I feel so much better overall. In particular I have noticed a vast improvement in my hands.'' - Beverly
'' I've been practicing yoga with Kerry for seven years. Over the years I have become more supple and can attempt most of the moves. I started yoga with two frozen shoulders, but with various routines suggested by Kerry, I know longer struggle with them, they are now far more flexible. As an older woman, I think yoga is a must to help hold back the ageing process in general.'' - Mo
''I so regret the years that I let my yoga classes slip. Doing a few half remembered stretches at home is not the same! There is a gradual empathy in class and you learn new techniques for breathing and for achieving postures and the meditation is so calming. Nothing beats the empowerment you feel once you have a breathing strategy to handle a panic attack.'' - Julie
''I got the results of my NHS health check for oldies. The nurse said my blood pressure was what she would expect to see in a much younger woman. When she asked what form of exercise I took, I said that I do yoga three times a week and I try to practice every day. She said to continue what I'm doing, as I am very healthy.'' - Beverly